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Surplus Equipment


Hurst Rescue Tools

totally functional

This Pallet contains 2 complete sets of rescue tools with a Mini-mate pump and a Combi-tool. These tools were taken out of servce in Sept. 2022


    Drager SCBA

    2216 psi

    20 complete Drager Sentinel 7000 SCBAs with spare and face mask. Packs and bottles need servicing and testing. Mask has voice amplifier built in.

    $1,000.00 each


      1980 Ford L9000 Pierce

      750 GPM pump with 750 gallons water tank, gas burner with automatic transmission. Does not run, needs engine work to crank.

      Best Offer (Bid)

        1982 Ford  cab-over FMC

        3208 CAT w/allison automatic, 750 GPM pump, 1000-gallon water. Cranks and runs great.

        Best Offer (Bid)

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